Algatrium plus 120 60 pearls from Brudy Technology

Algatrium plus 120 60 pearls from Brudy Technology

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Algatrium Plus is a revolutionary nutritional ingredient in the field of Omega 3 supplementation.

Thanks to a specific enzymatic treatment designed by Brudy Technology, it is possible to concentrate the% of DHA present in the molecule, achieving a unique product, protected by international patents, which combines maximum bioavailability with a proven antioxidant action.

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Size / Format
Package of 60 pearls with 1200 mg / unit of DHA per capsule.
Tuna oil, antioxidant (alpha tocopherol) and gelatin capsule.
Take one or two capsules a day, unless otherwise expressly recommended.
Brudy technology.
More info about the product composition
Algatrium Plus is the most powerful food supplement on the market that helps curb Alzheimer's. Its patent belongs to Brudy Technology, a Spanish company that during eight years of research has obtained excellent results with this compound, as a preventive antioxidant for degenerative diseases. The molecule in question, Algatrium, is made up of an Omega 3 acid called DHA. The benefits of this food have shown a very powerful renewing action of brain cells. It is recommended from the age of 50, when the body begins to be unable to synthesize the necessary amount of said acid. BRUDY TECHNOLOGY has taken a further step in research on Omega 3. After more than eight years of research on the characteristics of the DHA molecule in humans at the Universities of Murcia, Madrid, Almería and Barcelona and at the General Laboratory d'Assaigs i Investigacions (LGAI) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, ALGATRIUM Plus has been created, a revolutionary nutritional ingredient on an international scale that slows cell aging and is a unique and optimal source of highly bioavailable DHA.