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Black Garlic Eco in drops from organic farming which guarantees its quality and nutrient content.

The black garlic is a type of garlic subjected to a fermentation process.

This product has many properties:

  • It is a great antioxidant
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • He is energetic, recommended to start the day
  • Helps eliminate blood glucose
  • Lowers bad cholesterol

Additional product information

Size / Format
50 ml container with dropper cap.
Aromatic glycerin concentrate of black garlic from organic farming. Without alcohol.
To be used in food products. From 15 to 20 drops diluted in a liquid each time it is used. Do not ingest directly. Shake before using. The appearance of a sediment does not alter the quality of the product.
More info about the product composition
<p><strong>Black garlic, has twice the nutrients of normal white garlic, is rich in antioxidants and has a sweet taste, </strong>without leaving an unpleasant taste or smell commonly associated with garlic.</p> <p>A substance called S-ALICISTEIN was found only in black garlic and shows that it is more powerful and beneficial for the body, helping to maintain a healthy heart, <strong>being a nutritional support for high blood pressure and poor circulation.</strong></p> <p>Garlic is native to Central Asia and has a hypotensive effect produced by vasodilatation of the peripheral vessels, <strong>especially the legs, eyes and brain. Useful action to treat cerebral sclerosis.</strong></p> <p>The consumption of garlic in your diet is a source of sulfur that improves your joints and promotes the absorption of calcium, repairs cartilage and connective tissue.</p> <p>Garlic has antiviral and bactericidal properties, strengthens the immune system and increases the defenses of our body. It is also used to ward off respiratory infections, as well as colds and flu.</p>

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