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The collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of the cartilage, tendons and bones.

The collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of the cartilage, tendons and bones for which we need their daily needs.

All the connective tissue of our body and joints is formed by collagen, so its contribution helps us to regenerate its wear and aging, and to keep our joints, bones, skin and shape in good condition.

To this compound we have added magnesium, which is an element that participates very actively in the formation of all the proteins of the organism. Likewise, its additional contribution contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles.

The skin requires collagen for its maintenance and to delay the appearance of wrinkles. The hair needs, to be healthy, a good contribution of collagen. The nails to be strong and healthy need to have collagen.

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Container 180 tablets
hydrolyzed collagen, magnesium carbonate (magnesium), anti-caking agents (talc, magnesium stearate), magnesium hydroxide (magnesium). Based on collagen hydrolyzate easy asmiliation.
Take 6 to 9 tablets a day, spread over breakfast and dinner. It is recommended to take the tablets together with foods rich in vitamin C. Average content per daily dose of: - 6 tablets (4.3 g): hydrolyzed collagen 3.6 g, magnesium 185 mg (49% VRN *). - 9 tablets (6.5 g): hydrolyzed collagen 5.4 g, magnesium 278 mg (74% VRN *).
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<p><strong>The compound of collagen with magnesium has a beneficial effect on the recovery of all those ailments that have to do with the wear of tissues such as bones, ligaments, joints and muscles.</strong></p> <p>The collagen protein regenerates and improves the state of these. Especially in cases of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ligament rupture, skin deterioration, rupture of blood vessels, hair loss and brittle nails.</p>