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Marjoram essential oil. Obtained by steam distillation of the plant

Marjoram essential oil. Obtained by steam distillation of the plant.

Active substance: 1.8 cineol - Linalool - a-terpineol

In ancient times, it was considered that this plant conferred longevity, therefore a longer life, hence its name in Latin "Origanum majorana", which derives from "major", which means larger.

To treat chronic pain, we will apply a couple of drops directly on the affected area. It relaxes, warms and at the same time has a strengthening effect.

It is one of the essences that can not be missed in a massage cabin due to its sedative and muscular relaxation effect.

The marjoram is very good in the affections caused by affliction, exerting a comforting and warming effect, especially in the heart: when producing a vasodilation, it relieves the pressure that gravitates on the heart, allowing it to rest.

Another very interesting application is to relieve menstrual spasms. We will apply a warm compress on the abdomen, to which we will add a few drops of marjoram essential oil mixed with hypericum oil.

Drop: It will be very useful to start the massage by applying a few drops of essential oil directly on the pain area, due to its muscle relaxant action.

In massage: We will always include it in the synergies in massage against pain.

In bathtubs: For a bath to fall asleep, diluted with almond softeners, will fight the weakness caused by nervous fatigue and calm muscular pains. The essential oil of marjoram, applied in bathrooms, will have a relaxing, warming and strengthening effect.

Aromatic idea: We will slowly smell it to calm a state of nervous alteration or anxiety. It is very comforting in people who are alone or distressed.

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Size / Format
Bottle 12 ml
Origanum Majorana
Topical use.
Do not eat. It is not toxic if it is applied through the skin. It is not sensitizing or irritating. Its use is not recommended during pregnancy. It has a powerful anaphyrodisiac effect, there have been some cases of therapists who work with this essence and have suffered loss of libido (this anaphyrodisiac effect disappears when you stop using the oil). In large quantities It is stupefying.