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Pepti Whey 2000 is a product formulated to provide rapid delivery of amino acid peptides to the musculature.

Pepti Whey 2000 is a product formulated to provide rapid delivery of amino acid peptides to the musculature.

Pepti Whey 2000 provides 2 grams of peptides of whey hydrolyzate (Whey Protein) per tablet, which makes it the perfect complement for all those who seek a dose of high quality amino acids and easy absorption.

Pepti Whey 2000 comes from whey hydrolyzed protein, that is, "pre-digested" protein in the form of combinations of two or more amino acids (peptide). This means that the digestion process is much faster and its absorption much more effective.

Because of its rapid absorption, it is ideal:

  • To take after training, in order to achieve rapid muscle recovery. Thanks to its fast digestibility Pepti Whey 2000 releases amino acids in blood quickly, increasing nitrogen fixation at the muscle level and improving recovery processes.
  • To take between meals, avoiding muscle catabolism. The basis of every athlete is to follow a correct diet rich in proteins and amino acids. Otherwise, the catabolism would end up destroying its muscle mass and slow down the development of the musculature. Pepti Whey 2000 is the ideal product to complete the daily diet at times when the supply of amino acids is as or more important than after training.

Pepti Whey 2000 is, therefore, the solution to cover the protein needs during the day, as well as to be able to replace your post-workout shake in an easy and comfortable way.

Additional product information

Size / Format
Bottle of 150 tablets.
Composition (6 comp.): Free Amino Acids: 2.3%. Di- and Tripeptides: 20.7%. Oligo-Peptides: 76.8%. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein: 2 g
Take 6 tablets a day.