Tibetan Tea Fruit Flavored Herb Infusion 90 Filters

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Herbal infusion with fruit flavor from Tibetan Tea presented in packages of 90 filters.

Properties and benefits:

  • Tibetan Tea fruit flavor Tibetan tea is a 100% product composed of natural herbs according to an ancient Tibetan formula.
  • This mixture enriches and helps the body, stimulating the metabolism, assisting the nervous system, purifying the body, transforming fats into energy, releasing fluids and stimulating the gastrointestinal system.
  • Rich and healthy fruit infusion. Composed of 100% natural herbs. It helps you feel lighter. With less abdominal bloating.

Additional product information

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Box of 90 filters.
Tibetan Green Tea, Rose Hips, Laurel, Linden, Pennyroyal Mint, Luisa Herb and natural fruit flavoring.
Pour boiling water into a cup and add the infusion bag and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. It is recommended to take one to three cups a day approximately 15 minutes after meals.
Tibetan Tea
More info about the product composition
Green tea protects the heart by lowering cholesterol levels and improving lipid metabolism. Rose hip is rich in vitamins and provitamins (carotenoids, bioflavonoids and vitamin C). It could prevent free radical damage. laurel is an excellent antiseptic with digestive, stomachic, carminative and appetizing properties. Linden has relaxing and sedative properties. It is an excellent remedy for disorders of the nervous system and in case of insomnia. Pennyroyal has expectorant properties, it is recommended in case of bronchitis. Helps the expulsion of gases. It is antipyretic and sedative.