Capparis Alersin 40 capsules of Pinisan

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Capsules with Pantescal ®, an ingredient that has been shown in scientific studies to be antihistamine.

Properties and benefits:

Reinforced with plant extracts (Helichrysum and Fumaria) and Quercithin. Vegan friendly, gluten free and lactose free

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Package of 40 tablets
Pantescal ® (12% polyphenols): 300 (extracts of Capparis (Capparis spinosa), Olive (Olea Europea), Black currant (Ribes nigrum) and Gingseng (Panax gingseng)). Extract 5: 1 Helichrysum: 50 equivalent to 250 mg of Helichrysum italicum. Extract 10: 1 Fumaria (2% flavones): 50 equivalent to 500 mg of Fumaria officinalis. Quercithin: 50 (From Acacia of Japan (Sophora Japonica))
Take 1 capsule daily.
More info about the product composition
Capsules with Pantescal®, an ingredient that has demonstrated in double-blind scientific studies its antihistamine capacity against cetirizine, its effectiveness being equal and even higher depending on the allergens studied. In addition, in this formula it is reinforced with quercetin (a very active flavonoid) and titrated extracts of plants (helycrisum and fumaria) available in a more appropriate way, by presenting them in the form of titrated extracts, as in this way we guarantee a greater and constant presence of its most prominent active ingredients. Capparis alersin is designed for a spring without discomfort.