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Carduscaps by Dietetics Intersa is a dietary supplement that combines curcumin and milk thistle.

Properties and benefits

  • Innovative synergy to enhance well-being, protect and repair the body.
  • Improves sports performance and reduces recovery time. Reduces inflammation and muscle pain during intense exercise.
  • Reduces oxidation in the liver, consequence of intense sports activity.
  • Helps compensate for some of the physiological markers of muscle pain after intense training in elite rugby players Maximum bioavailability: 40 times more bioavailable than a conventional 95% turmeric extract in curcuminoids
  • Soluble encapsulated curcumin Natural source (starch) Non-allergenic (soy free) Stable complex
  • Contains 3 times more curcumin than soy micelles Scientifically evaluated Its production does not require solvents

Additional product information

Size / Format
Box with 60 capsules
Dibasic Dicalcium Phosphate (volume enhancer); Cavacurmin® - 200 mg (encapsulated curcumin, 15% curcumin); milk thistle dry extract - 133 mg [Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.], 75% in silymarin; vegetable gelatin capsule (coating agent); black pepper extract - 5 mg (Piper nigrum Carlos L.), 95% piperine; magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent); hydrated silica (anti-caking agent). * 200 mg of Cavacurmin® is equivalent to 1,200 mg of curcumin provided by a 95% turmeric extract in curcuminoids.
Take 1 capsule a day.
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