Curcurine 30 capsules of Nova Diet

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Curcurine 30 capsules of Nova Diet. Natural help to relieve inflammation and pain.

Properties and benefits:

  • Dry extract of turmeric Longa granular.
  • Equivalent to 11,000 mg of turmeric rhizome powder.
  • It helps reduce inflammation, both in acute and chronic processes.
  • It helps relieve and reduce pain.

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Package of 30 vegetable capsules.
Per 1 capsule: Turmeric E.S .: 550 mg Equivalent to root powder: 11,000 mg. Curcumin intake: 522.5 mg. Bioperine®: 3 mg. Piperine intake: 2.85 mg. Ginger E.S .: 50 mg. Gingerol intake: 2.5 mg
Take 1 capsule a day with breakfast or lunch, with the help of water. Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule.
Its use is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Do not take this food supplement if you are allergic or intolerant to any of its ingredients. Its use is not recommended if you have gallstones.